We are very thankful for all the dancers, instructors and volunteers that made this years Tucson Tango Festival a great success.

We are both sad and excited that we are changing venues for the 2017 festival. We truly enjoyed the Marriott but are also excited by the possibilities that a 4 star destination resort brings us. We look forward to a great event in 2017 and welcoming you to the Sonoran Desert next spring.

Lorayne and Jim Baker


    The Tucson Tango Festival is Moving to the Casino Del Sol Resort and to a new date, March 2-5, 2017.

    We loved the Marriott, it’s location and working with the local staff but the hotel sold to a new group that demanded a more than 40% increase in all areas. We didn’t love it that much.

    The new location is a 4 star destination resort. We have visited the resort several times with different local dancers and had dinner 4 of those times. All agree this is going to be an awesome venue. We have lots of ideas brewing to utilize this unique environment.

    Room rates are: $89 Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and $119 Friday and Saturday. The $89 rate is extended to three days before and three days after the event so take a week off from the cold and enjoy spring in the Tucson desert. All rates are for up to 4 people.

    Answers to Questions and some fun facts:

    1) Is the smoke bad?
    I am very sensitive to smoke and yes in the casino proper it is like all casinos. They have a great system for removing it but you still know it is there. We did not sense it at all in any restaurants but they do allow smoking in the bars. We will have taken over a huge amount of the hotel so this will help. You can walk from the hotel rooms, the pool, the parking garage and the ballroom with a very minimal, or no time, in the edge of the casino.

    2) How is parking?
    Lots of it and all free.

    3) Resort fees, WiFi fees?
    None of the above. There is a 10% occupancy fee so it is easy to calculate exactly what your bill will be.

    4) How is the ballroom?
    The ballroom can be up to 3 times bigger than the Marriott, high ceilings and very elegant. Absolutely no smoking in that entire part of the complex. This does not mean we have to use all the space and we will be keeping the festival’s intimate feel.

    5) How are the rooms?
    4 star, elegant and a fridge in every room. NO SMOKING in any sleeping rooms.

    6) That pool looks awesome, any plans for it?
    Well of course. The pool is a steady 3 feet through the entire center, great for dancing and we will be putting a floor next to the pool and have tango music playing during the main part of the day. There is also a large area outside of the main ballroom that will have a floor down and a music system available to work on lessons, take privates or just dance. This will be based on weather permitting.

    7) This is a big jump in dates, why?
    We had been pushed by the Marriott to dates that were not good for us, the attendees and/or other events. We have consulted the events around this time slot to work out a date that is best for all. This puts the Tucson festival 3 weeks after Valentango, 3 weeks before the Austin Tango Festival and two weeks before the Seattle Marathon. This is a beautiful time of the year in Tucson as it is the very beginning of spring. Of course it is also more enticing for all the dancers that are still struggling with the cold in their home towns.

    8) How about transportation?
    Casino Del Sol is exactly the same distance as the Marriott is from the airport. The same shuttle as previous years will be available but we are also working on another option. We will have a shuttle available, just for our attendees, to go to the store, Desert Museum, Old Tucson, San Xavier Mission, etc. The hotel is very well self contained with a spa, golf course and wide variety of restaurants so you can also just kick back and enjoy. Because there is no parking fee you may also want to just rent a little car at the airport so you can tour the Old Pueblo at your whim.

    9) How will the schedule compare to previous years?
    The same basic schedule will continue but we are having two, three class progressive classes during the main festival starting Friday. You will need to register for these at the time of registration as they will have limited registration numbers. You will be committing to the entire series and can register just for a series if you wish. We also are going to have two, two class stand alone series on Thursday starting early in the afternoon. These will be available as part of the full pass or can be purchased ala-carte. All the series and progressive classes will be an hour and 45 min. If you want to attend the early Thursday classes you will want to arrive either Wednesday or Thursday by around noon.

    10) At last years festival you mentioned a road trip. Is that a go?
    We are working out the details but if the response warrants it we are hoping to dance around our beautiful state the days leading up to the festival. We are planning on arrival being Saturday, Phoenix would be the best or you can drive with us from Tucson. We will go to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Prescott, Jerome and have dinner and dancing every evening in a unique Arizona location with the Northern Az locals. We are thinking we will get into Tucson late Tuesday night and have Wednesday to explore some some sites like the Desert Museum and then have a milonga Wednesday night. We will be sending more information and asking for interest soon.

    11) Are the instructors set?
    Alex Krebs, Adam Cornett and Lilly Kimm, Alicia Pons and Luis Rojas and Melina Sedo and Detlef Engel.

    12) When will registration open and do we have to be registered to book a room?
    Registration will open around the first of July. You do not have to be registered to book a room. You can register for a room now but PLEASE do not if aren’t at least pretty sure you are coming. It really messes things up for us and other attendees to have late cancellations that count don’t count for festival numbers and aren’t returned by the hotel into the block. Everyone loses.

    TUCSON TANGO FESTIVAL ART by Summer Celeste Painting By Summer Celeste