We are very thankful for all the dancers, instructors and volunteers that made this years Tucson Tango Festival a great success.

The new venue, Casino Del Sol was a huge hit. Casino Del Sol is a 4 star destination resort that provides a great atmosphere for the festival. We look forward to a great event in 2019 and welcoming you to the Sonoran Desert next spring.

Lorayne and Jim Baker


    The Tucson Tango Festival will again be the second weekend of March for 2018, March 7-10.

    Room rates are: $119 for all nights. The $119 rate is extended to three days before and three days after the event so take a week off from the cold and enjoy spring in the Tucson desert. All rates are for up to 4 people. You will have to be registered for the festival to reserve a room. We had many people have to stay off site last year while having 20 rooms a night not be utilized because of late room cancellations by people that never registered for the festival.

    Answers to Questions and some fun facts:

    1) Is the smoke bad?
    I am very sensitive to smoke and yes in the casino proper it is like all casinos. They have a great system for removing it but you still know it is there. We did not sense it at all in any restaurants but they do allow smoking in the bars. We will have taken over a huge amount of the hotel so this will help. You can walk from the hotel rooms, the pool, the parking garage and the ballroom with a very minimal, or no time, in the edge of the casino.

    2) How is parking?
    Lots of it and all free.

    3) Resort fees, WiFi fees?
    None of the above. There is a 10% occupancy fee so it is easy to calculate exactly what your bill will be.

    4) How is the ballroom?
    The ballroom is spacious, high ceilings and very elegant. Absolutely no smoking in that entire part of the complex. This does not mean we have to use all the space and we will be keeping the festival’s intimate feel.

    5) How are the rooms?
    4 star, elegant and a fridge in every room. NO SMOKING in any sleeping rooms.

    6) How about transportation?
    The Arizona Stagecoach and UBER are both good options for getting out to the resort. Because there is no parking fee you may also want to just rent a little car at the airport so you can tour the Old Pueblo at your whim.

    7) How will the schedule compare to previous years?
    In our constant attempt to improve the learning experience for those wanting instruction this years festival will offer 3 two class progressive classes every day. Attendees will not need to pre-sign up for these. Just drop in but we hope you will see the benefit to attending both classes. Each session will offer an All Levels class, an Intermediate Level class, and, an Advanced Class. Teachers will rotate through the levels so that each day they are accessible to other students.
    Oscar Casas will be teaching an Advanced Couples Series with one class every afternoon. This series will require pre-registering. It can be bought separately for those that want to add it to a milonga pass.
    We have changed the ballroom configuration so that the teaching rooms are much larger than in the past.

    8) Are the instructors set?
    Yes, all instructors are set: Pablo Inza and Sofia , Oscar Casas and Marie Roach, Rusty Cline, and Mike Malixi and Carrie Field.

    9) When will registration open and do we have to be registered to book a room?
    Registration will open Memorial Weekend with a special rate for that weekend only.