DJ Chuck Soukup

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Chuck began dancing Tango in 2007, and soon after realized that to dance tango you must have music to dance TO. He began collecting CD’s and digital albums soon after, eventually amassing more high … Read More

DJ Brick Robbins

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From San Diego, Brick has been DJing for dancers over a decade for both Tango and other genres. He DJs at festivals around the USA, and has DJed in Buenos Aires. With a a … Read More

DJ Derek Tang

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Derek is one of the most requested DJs in Los Angeles. He consistently deejays at the most prestigious Milongas throughout Southern California. He has also been a DJ for the San Diego Tango Festival, … Read More

DJ Greg Gee

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Greg started dancing tango in 2005 and quickly grew to love it. His love and connection to the music led him into DJing. He is a local favorite in San Diego. His style brings … Read More

DJ Vincent Wong

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From collecting vintage audio for critical listening in a wide variety of music, Vincent found his passion for Tango in Los Angeles 2007. As an active Tango dancer himself, he used music to paint … Read More

Alex and Patricia

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Alex Krebs has been dancing tango for 20 years, teaching worldwide for 18 years, and playing bandoneon for 15 years. He is still in love with the dance, the music and culture of tango, … Read More

Alicia Pons & Daniel Arias

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Alicia Pons is an elegant and accomplished dancer with refined technique and distinctive personality. She is the most noted for her foot play and sensual seduction, which are done with humor and decorum. She … Read More

Carrie Field

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Carrie has been teaching Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonics since 1992. She holds certifications in all three practices, holds a Bachlors Degree in dance, and a previous career as a modern dancer where she toured … Read More

Ashvin Iyer

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As a DJ, Ashvin had a “trial by fire” initiation, when, in 2010, he organized his first milonga (now in its 6th year in one of the most competitive tango business environments) and his … Read More

Momo Smitt

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Momo will be supplying the energy for the all-nighter for the 2016 festival. Over the past six plus years, Momo from Portland, OR has been traveling nonstop, teaching, performing, djing, and rapping at tango … Read More

Homer and Cristina

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Homer and Cristina both started their tango obsession in 1997, though they didn’t meet each other until they both attended an all-night milonga in Berkeley in 2001. After signing-up as dance partners at a … Read More

New Website

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Check out our new responsive website for the Tucson Tango Festival. We’ve redesigned it so that the format adjusts automatically to display properly on SmartPhones as well as tablets, laptops and desktops.

Paul Akmajian

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Paul Akmajian has been dancing tango since the late 90s and has been a steady DJ in Albuquerque and Santa Fe for more than 10 years. In the last six years, he has DJ’d … Read More

Jay Abling

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Beyond his teaching, J. is also a nationally sought-after DJ, who is known to keep a good party going with an astute awareness of a dance floor’s changing energies and hand-picked choices of music … Read More

Derrick Del Pilar

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When he is at the DJ station, Derrick selects the best traditional tangos, valses, and milongas with rhythm, romance, energy, playfulness, drama…whatever the dancers seem to be craving at the moment. Besides being a … Read More

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