Ney and Jennifer

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Jennifer Bratt started dancing tango in 2000, in New York City, captivated by the old music, the beautiful movements, the intense connection, and the dimly-lit ambience of the milonga. She soon quit her job … Read More

Jay Abling

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J.’s highly energetic classes and workshops blend hands-on practical technique, musical morsels, and flavorful figures with a touch of quirky humor. He approaches both tango and teaching with critical analysis in an organic and … Read More

Mike Malixi and Carrie Field

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Mike and Carrie offer tools from a playful understanding of the structure of Tango, encouraging students to see all the possibilities. They are passionate about the mechanics of the dance and physical technique, emphasizing … Read More

Santiago and Fernanda

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Santiago Castro is a true “Milonguero” Tango dancer. He is known not only for his elegance, precision and musicality in his dance style, but also for his methodology and pedagogical skills, constantly endeavoring to … Read More

Atelier Vertex

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“Atelier Vertex creates wearable beauty for Tangueras. Hand made in San Francisco, luxury and unique designs will make you stand out and be noticed on and off the dance floor. Your dance is as … Read More

Jo Canalli

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Joanne was introduced to Argentine Tango in 2005 and developed a passion for the dance that just keeps on burning. Joanne would love nothing more than to introduce the experience of Argentine Tango into … Read More

Fernanda Valdovinos

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Fernanda started dancing tango in Chile in 2008, but tango music has been always in her life. Her grandparents used to dance and sing tango since she was a baby and she always enjoyed … Read More

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