DJ Ashvin Iyer

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Ashvin Iyer deejays primarily in the rhythmic style of Golden Age tango music. He believes in keeping the mood generally happy, and that tango flow for dancers happens from song to song as much … Read More

Momo Smitt

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Momo will be supplying the energy for the all-nighter for the 2016 festival. Over the past six plus years, Momo from Portland, OR has been traveling nonstop, teaching, performing, djing, and rapping at tango … Read More

Paul Akmajian

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Paul Akmajian has been dancing tango since the late 90s and has been a steady DJ in Albuquerque and Santa Fe for more than 10 years. In the last six years, he has DJ’d … Read More

Jay Abling

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Beyond his teaching, J. is also a nationally sought-after DJ, who is known to keep a good party going with an astute awareness of a dance floor’s changing energies and hand-picked choices of music … Read More

Derrick Del Pilar

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When he is at the DJ station, Derrick selects the best traditional tangos, valses, and milongas with rhythm, romance, energy, playfulness, drama…whatever the dancers seem to be craving at the moment. Besides being a … Read More

Homer Ladas

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Homer’s first major dj act was to put 50 cd’s (including assorted classic tangos, alternative songs and the ‘Last of the Mohicans’ sound track) into a player and press the random button. People loved … Read More

Jo Canalli

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Joanne was introduced to Argentine Tango in 2005 and developed a passion for the dance that just keeps on burning. Joanne would love nothing more than to introduce the experience of Argentine Tango into … Read More

Fernanda Valdovinos

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Fernanda started dancing tango in Chile in 2008, but tango music has been always in her life. Her grandparents used to dance and sing tango since she was a baby and she always enjoyed … Read More