Registration is open.

Note: All classes will be attendance restricted, require purchasing in advance and sold ala-carte. Classes will go on sale as soon as all titles and formats are set. Some classes will be progressive so that two classes will have to  be purchased together. Everyone that registers before classes go on sale will receive the link to register for classes 48 hours before new registrations.

There may not be on-site or individual milonga passes sold. Festival passes are transferable but the person receiving the pass must register and accept both the waiver and protocol consent forms. If you are not able to attend, or if the event is forced to cancel, your registration will be refunded minus 5% service charge to cover credit card fees on both ends of the transaction. If you pay cash your refund will be 100%. You may apply the registration fee towards a future festival.

Tucson 4th of July Tango Festival 2021 Registration

  • Lead Passes Available 119 out of 150 Follow Passes Available 102 out of 150
  • Lead Passes Available 119 out of 150 Follow Passes Available 102 out of 150
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We reserve the right to manage the festival as we see fit, in any and all situations that may arise, including, but not limited to, illness, acts of nature or human failure or errors. We give you our solemn promise to do our best not to make any unnecessary changes but Tucson Tango Festival LLC reserves the right to change scheduling as needed.