Glykeria Manis

An active member of the vibrant Portland, Oregon Tango scene, Glykeria Manis co-hosts the long-standing Thursday Norse Hall Milonga; teaches a weekly Friday night Series of Tango Classes; regularly brings guest instructors to work with her Portland tango community; and drawing from a unique collection of tango music, DJ’s at special events. Given her ancestral roots, she is also the organizer of the popular Greek Island Tango Retreat, now in its sixth year.
Trained in New York City and Buenos Aires, she’s been dancing and teaching Argentine Tango for over a decade. As an outgrowth of her training, she became aware of tango not only as an art form and social dance, but also as a vehicle to explore non-verbal communication that increases attunement to ourselves and to others.
?Her background in the study of Argentine Tango further includes research demonstrating the therapeutic and health benefits of Argentine Tango, culminating in her obtaining a Master’s Degree in Dance & Movement Therapy. Glykeria’s classes and workshops are enriched with this knowledge, offering a supportive learning environment and promoting the art of connection. Moreover, she strives to infuse her teaching, dance and hosting of tango with somatic awareness, emphasizing balance, elegance, solid technique and creativity.