Gustavo Benzecry Saba and Maria Olivera

Gustavo started dancing in the late ‘90s, studying from milongueros and stage performers. In 2003 he met María and they started teaching together at the famous Salón Canning, in Buenos Aires.
Their teaching method is both precise and gradual. Because of this, they’re among the most popular teachers. They regularly teach workshops in their home town and in international festival and events. Their kindness and good sense of humor make the learning very effective for the students. Gustavo is patient and reflective, María brings dynamism and clarity in the concepts.

Both as teachers and dancers they’ve been touring Europe and America since 2006, taking part in many international events. Gustavo stands out for his elegance, creativity and musicality, and María for her quick adornments and her musical precision.
Together they also work hard on promoting the Tango as a culture. Gustavo has written several books (all of them translated into different languages) and with María they’ve produced instructional dvds on techniques for leaders and followers as well as a documentary on the history of the dance in the 40’s and 50’s, that they screen with educational purposes.