Homer and Cristina Ladas

Homer and Cristina both started their tango obsession in 1997. They finally met each other at the all-nighter in Berkeley, CA in 2001. After signing-up as dance partners at a Portland Tango Festival in October of that year they fell in love and were married 8 months later in May of 2002. That’s also the year Homer left his seven year mechanical engineering career to pursue teaching tango full-time! He found it natural to transfer his life experiences (teaching swimming and martial arts, tutoring math and science) into teaching tango.

Cristina helped Homer on a part-time basis but transitioned to full-time tango work a few years later…after a brief culinary apprenticeship and professional chef work at the Ritz Carlton SF (not to mention her degrees in Public Administration and Criminal Justice plus the years running a family owned business).

Each brings with them two decades of social dance experience emphasizing a fusion of tango ideologies, via the ‘one tango’ philosophy. Both also have a pre-tango background in many other physical activities.

With regards to tango, Homer & Cristina have over the years studied with numerous teachers as well as practiced extensively with each other and many other dance partners. They have also traveled to many tango cities around the world, including two trips to Buenos Aires, and are ardent students of community politics, growth, and dynamics everywhere they visit. They attempt to use this knowledge to positively influence the development of each tango community they subsequently visit.

As teachers, Homer & Cristina are committed to creating a positive class environment and try to reduce barriers that may inhibit students from really finding their own dance! Small epiphanies can & do occur in their students all the time… You will find many free didactic review videos on Youtube of their classes, including the TangoStudent blog complete with detailed class notes. They are currently working to develop a more thorough online learning experience via their new website: www.TheOrganicTangoSchool.org