Oscar Casas and Jesica Arfenoni

Oscar Casas grew up in Buenos Aires, breathing tango. His father was a milonguero who organized milongas in Parque Patricios, a tango barrio in Buenos Aires. Oscar is a well-known figure in the milongas of Buenos Aires, and his distinctive style is greatly admired by other milongueros.

Oscar’s improvisational dance reflects some current techniques of different styles of tango but never loses the spirit of the Old Guard. He believes that tango is “a feeling that is danced” and, for him, tango is endlessly fresh and fun

Jesica Arfenoni is the World Champion of Tango Pista 2013.
She does tours around the world teaching and performing in different countries such as Italy, Asia, England, USA, Germany, France, Indonesia, Bali, among many others.

She worked in Tango companies performing shows in Brazil and Argentina for several years and is also a Folklore dancer. Jesica was a juror in championships in Russia, Argentina, Chile among others.
Jesica exudes elegance, combining simplicity and complexity, and emphasizing the original tango essence.