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One Festival - One Venue - Twice the fun!

You will love the desert in March, the winter rains will be painting the hills and valleys with flowers and rich fragrances will fill the air. The garden area just out side of the ballroom will be filled with the warm breath of spring.

Take a nice break from winter here at the Tucson Tango Festival!

Regular Adult and Full-Time Student price options available!

Pass Details

Price and Submit

PLATINUM PASS -- Everything Included!

All classes and milongas except DJ Classes

Daylighter Pass
Daytime Classes and Afternoon Milongas Only
Does Not include DJ Classes or Evening Milongas
Weekend Festival Pass
Classes and Milongas Friday through Sunday
Does not include DJ Classes!

Two-Day Pass
Two days of Classes and Afternoon and Evening Milongas
Does not include DJ Classes!
Full Festival Milonga ONLY Pass
11 Milongas Including All Nighter!!
All Milongas Wednesday through Monday
Not including extra offerings!

Weekend Milonga ONLY Pass
6 Milongas Including All Nighter!!
All Milongas Friday through Sunday
Not including extra offerings!
All Night & Gran Milonga with QTANGO QUARTET, Performances and a Hot Breakfast!
Saturday, March 15th, 9pm-6am
Performances at 11:00pm!
QTANGO Starts around 11:30pm and plays 10 Tandas!
Hot breakfast at 3pm!
Dance to sunrise at 6am!

Extra Offerings Not in Passes

Beginner's Track and Beginner's Milonga
Momo Smitt

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Beginner's Milonga on Sunday
See Schedule Included in combined class and milonga passes!
DJ Classes
John Hess

Friday and Saturday (pay at the door for individual sessions)
See Schedule

A La Carte

Please pay at the door:
Afternoon Milongas $15
Evening Milongas $25
Saturday All-Night Milonga $40
Individual Classes $30


Tucson Tango Festival March 12-17, 2014

Tango Class

Discounted Festival passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. You may apply them towards a future festival if something comes up that prevents you from attending. Our costs are fixed and we use the discounts to help with deposits and advanced expenses that must be paid before the festival.

Due to any number of maladies or acts or nature or human failure or errors, we reserve the autonomy to manage the festival as any and all situations arise. We give you our solemn vow to do our best to keep things as you see them, but in the event of changes, we are not in a position to offer refunds for changes in schedule or staff. reserves the right to change scheduling or instructors at our will or whimsy for any reason.

Tucson Tango Festival Photos and Videos - Release Agreement for Use of Facebook and other online photo and video publishing: In registering for the Tucson Tango Festival, you hereby give your permission to the Tucson Tango Festival to use any photos or videos taken of you during the Tucson Tango Festival. The photos and videos may be posted on the internet, any of our web sites and/or on, facebook etc... Your photos and videos will not be sold or used in conjunction with any inflammatory content! If for any reason you do not want your photos or videos used, simply submit a request in writing, complete with a current photo of the way you looked at the time of the festival, in advance of postings so we can remove you from any photos/videos that may be pending a post - note once a digital image or video file has been posted retrieval of all copies may be impossible.

Liability Waiver: By registering, the registrant understands that participation in this event's activities include actions and/or movements that are considered a sport. The registrant declares to not have any physical condition that may aggravate the risk of injury. Further the registrant understands this dance approach and technique is mostly physical contact/embrace and requires bodies to be touching. The registrant is voluntarily participating in this event with the full knowledge and understanding of the above. The registrant releases the Tucson Tango Fall Festival and JORSTY Inc, it's employees, agents, performers, teachers, volunteers and guests from all claims, demands, fines and liabilities, costs and damages which might arise from participation in this event.

Thank you for your participation in the Tucson Tango Festival. We reserve the right to change any portion of the festival events, milongas, instructors or venues.

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