DJ Ramu Pyreddy

Ramu took his first tango lesson on April 27th, 2000 in Buenos Aires and was hooked instantly. To share that passion with his friends and colleagues, he started Michigan Argentine Tango Club at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. … Read More

DJ DK Quinn

Quinn has been a tango dancer since 2006, a DJ since 2012, and has been delighting dancers at milongas with his extensive collection of vinyl tango records since 2017. Why records? The transfers of tango music to vinyl are often … Read More

Liz and Yannick Vanhove

Knowledge, Tradition, Connection Liz and Yannick Vanhove started dancing Tango together when they were teenagers. Since 2002 they have spent years learning and uncovering the best kept secrets this elegant dance has to offer, always driven by an insatiable thirst … Read More

Housing Options

The room block has sold out and closed. If you have a room reserved and can not attend please notify the festival by email at and not the hotel. We will take over the room and find somebody for … Read More

Oscar Casas and Marie Roach

Oscar has a distinct style both in his dance and his teaching. He is very milonguero, and is highly respected by the old guard in the milongas of BA. He also is extremely popular with his students, who are impressed … Read More

Santiago Castro and Fernanda Valdovinos

Santiago & Fernanda met in Santiago, Chile in 2007 when Fernanda took lessons from the prestigious Tango Academy (Libertango) that Santiago founded and directed in Chile. Then, Santiago left for Europe and Fernanda for the USA. They met again in … Read More

Murat Erdemsel

We are absolutely thrilled to have a very special appearance by Murat Erdemsel. Murat with his former partner Michelle Lamb were a huge influence on the growth and development of both the Tucson Tango Festival and the Tucson tango community. … Read More

DJ Jessica Schilling

After years of spinning discs for community radio, ballroom dancers and even a few weddings, Jessica Schilling came to her senses and started DJing tango in 2010 after realizing that it was a great way to write a tango-music addiction … Read More

Rusty Cline and Joanne Canalli

Rusty Cline Founder of Tucson Tango Festival Rusty Cline has danced, competed and attended more than 60 festivals and 4 trips to Buenos Aires, the vast experience of this master teacher is remarkable and varied. He has worked with … Read More

Pre-Festival Tour of Arizona

Because of concerns about the weather in March in Northern Arizona we are moving the tour to 2020 since we are moving the festival to the 3rd weekend in April. That means the tour will be the second weekend of … Read More

Thank you all.

The 2018 festival was awesome. I had a great time and hope everyone else did as well. The instructor, dj’s and all staff hit on all cylinders. I am very great-full for the time and caring you all put into … Read More

Vania Rey

The Tucson Tango Festival would like to welcome guest instructor Vania Rey. Vania will be at the festival through it’s entirety and available for privates. The festival will ask a couple of traveling instructors each year to fill out our … Read More


Tangoleva … dressing tangueras worldwide since 1998 Designed and produced by tango dancers, we have our finger on the pulse of tango fashion. Tangoleva knows what works, what feels good, what looks great. Preserving the classics and continually creating inspired … Read More

DJ Michelle McRuiz

Michelle McRuiz has been a tango DJ for seven years, a tanguera for 11, and a dancer for as long as she can remember. She DJs traditional milongas and practicas regularly in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Her DJing philosophy is … Read More

DJ Adam Cornett

Adam Cornett started DJing in 2001 cutting his teeth at the Portland 50/50 Wednesday milonga. He also DJ’d Tango Berretin and his own milonga in Portland. Adam has DJ’d at many festivals and now DJ’s a once a month vinyl … Read More

DJ Georges Naasan

Georges Naasan has been dancing tango since 2002. His journey debuted in Lebanon, at a time where there was no tango community or milongas to attend. He took classes with traveling teachers and taught himself at the American University of … Read More

DJ John Hess

John started his Tango journey in 2005 and has been a DJ since 2008. He is a passionate collector of Traditional, Modern, and Alternative music genres for social tango dancing. He is known to spend too much time searching for … Read More

DJ Homer Ladas

Homer’s first major dj act was to put 50 cd’s (including assorted classic tangos, alternative songs and the ‘Last of the Mohicans’ sound track) into a player and press the random button. People loved it, but that was 1999. On … Read More

DJ Vania Rey

“A DJ since 2008, Vania has DJ-ed at major festivals and milongas in Buenos Aires, the USA, Canada and Europe. She knows how to put together one good tanda after the other, in order to keep people energized and happy … Read More

DJ Varo

As an avid dancer himself, Varo has a deep appreciation for tango music as a crucial part of the overall milonga experience for each dancer. As a DJ, Varo strives to create a musical atmosphere that inspires dancers and connects … Read More

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