Jennifer and Ney

Jennifer Bratt and Ney Melo are internationally renowned Argentine Tango teachers and have been consistent instructors at the Tucson Tango Festival. Ney is known for his innovative teaching methods and passion for teaching. His tango instruction is sought out by … Read More

Paloma and Maxi

Paloma Berrios Rodriquez and Maximiliano Alvarado Olaquibel Teachers and dancers of Argentine Tango with 20th years of experience and knowledge in Stage and Sal√≥n tango style. Our philosophy is to inspire our students to enjoy the embrace and love for … Read More

Fulya and Ozhan

Fulya Guney and Ozhan Leylak started working together in 2005 and ran their own Tango school for 10 years in Turkey.They performed together in many TV shows,festivals and performed with live orchestras. Fulya&Ozhan use their professional background in various dance … Read More

Lindsey and Ricardo

Lindsey Zan and Ricardo Correa are a young and exciting partnership that formed in 2018. Together they have over two decades of experience dancing Argentine tango and they love dancing both Salon and Stage tango. They are known for their … Read More

Carrie Field

Carrie fell in love with tango in 2005 and spent the next 6 years traveling as often to study in Buenos Aires. She began teaching tango as a part of Taos Tango in 2010. She has a B.A. in dance, … Read More