Homer and Cristina Ladas

posted in: Instructors 2022

Hurray! Cristina and Homer are excited to be returning in 2022 as teachers and avid social dancers to one of their long time favorite events, the Tucson Tango Festival. Did you know Homer took his first tango steps in Tucson with Dave and Shelli Little in 1997? Did you know that Cristina and Homer fell in love at another festival (Portland) in 2001 and got married eight months later? This led to a series of wedding cakes and parties (milongas) at eight different cities they taught in over the course of the following year! But seriously, if you’d like to know more about Homer & Cristina’s teaching endeavors either follow the extended bio link below or just google them and watch a few (hundred) videos. Lastly, if you’d to support them in their commitment to tango education and community growth, please consider becoming a Patron.

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