The room block has sold out and closed. If you have a room reserved and can not attend please notify the festival by email at and not the hotel. We will take over the room and find somebody for it.

Current rates for hotels about 12-15 min away from the venue.

Quality Inn Airport $88 dollars 220 E Benson Highway
Economy Inn $40 but not a great place or location 220 E Benson Highway
Quality Inn $63 750 W Star Pass Blvd
Hotel Del Sol $68 960 South Freeway Rd
Red Lion Inn $78 222 South Freeway Rd

If you would like to put a group house together the Airbnb’s at Owl Creek are very close to the venue, nice units and reasonably priced. Parking at the venue is free and the parking garage is a straight shot to the ballrooms with no need to go through the casino.

Airbnb Owl Creek Link